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Modals and semi-modals-Historical places in Chaidari!

Video 1

Video 2
 Do the following activities:

Activity 1
Activity 2-ability
Activity 3
Activity 4-probability
 Activity 5

Modal Perfects

 A song!
Modal perfect Activities!
Lots of Games!

Speaking Task 1:
Read the article: Abandoned places

Task 1: Think about what this place might have been like in the past.

used the modal verbs below to talk about the past:

  • might have (possibility)
  • could have (possibility)
  • must have (certainty something was true)
  • can’t have (certainty something wasn’t true       

Task  2:
Now work in pairs/individually and choose a photograph of an abandoned place you want to work with. Try to come up with as many sentences using past modals as possible.

Task 3:
Find out which picture was the most popular among your classmates and why.
Photo 1-Palataki Villa

Photo 2-Concentration Camp Chaidari

Have you ever visited a similar, abandoned place?Is there  a similar, abandoned place in Chaidari? What do you think this place might have been like in the past?

Our area,Our history. Read about Chadari concentration camp .
Find out more about palataki here .
The struggle-Palataki Villa information .


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Grammar: Past tenses

Past simple & Past continuous

Video part 1: Past continuous & Past simple
Video part 2: Past continuous & Past simple
Practice: Do the following activities.
Past simple & past continuous 1
Past simple & past continuous 2
Past simple & past continuous 3

Let's go on with: used to/ would/ be-get used to. Watch the videos.
Used to/would

Used to/be used to 1
be used to/used to 2
be -get used to/used to 3be & get used to/used to 4
Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4
Activity 5
Gold Idioms