Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Our solar system

Today, how about discovering our solar system?
What planets do you know and how are they ranged in space?
Let's see....

Now, first explore our own planet, Earth, the Cradle of Life...
What do you think makes our planet different than the others?

THE SUN on PhotoPeach planet Mercury on PhotoPeach

venus on PhotoPeach
Saturn on PhotoPeach

Planet Jupiter on PhotoPeach

Monday, 10 February 2014

Presenting our hometowns 50 years (or more) ago

After the previous class, we all looked for resources to present what our hometown looked like
a long time ago.
Here is our class presenting:
ALEX: Haidari 50 years ago

 KONSTANTINOS: Messologi 100 years back

HERCULES: Athens video 100+ years before

..and let's enjoy ourselves discussing our findings with Mr. Sherman, the amazing global educator from South Africa